Academics News

Updates to fall 2010 Class and Exam schedule are posted to Students Records, "Class Schedules"

The fall 2010 schedule has morphed in small but important ways.

NOTE: The changes will not be reflected in the Registrar’s postings until later this week. You will not be able to add classes until the Registrar’s office updates its postings.

Two documents are posted to the Student Records, "Class Schedule" site:

     1. A pdf copy of the entire registration packet, updated to 5/18/2010.  

     2. An Excel workbook showing changes made to the Class Schedule and the Exam Schedule. The changes are described at the top of each worksheet and the changes are highlighted in red in the body of the schedule.
 Both of the above attachments are also posted to the TWEN site created for discussion of the fall 2010 class schedule.  You can download both schedules from the TWEN site.

We have added one new section of Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Issues which will be taught by Professor Abramson.
 Several classes have been moved to larger rooms and their cap raised to accommodate wait lists and new students

Four courses have been cancelled:
a. Trademark (Cross)
b. Elder Law (Leibson and Faller)
c. Corporate Tax (Lewis)
d. Trial Practice (Schroering) – there is space available in Trial Practice (Bouldin).

Openings are available in many class.

Openings are available in externships including Immigration Law (Trucios-Haynes), Ky. Innocence Project (Jordan), Legal Aid (Jordan), Criminal Justice (Jordan), Tax (Blackburn), and Tech Transfer (Cross).

KBA Annual Student Writing Competition

The June 1 deadline for entering the Kentucky Bar Association's Annual Student Writing Competition is fast approaching! The KBA invites and encourages students currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky College of Law, the University of Louisville School of Law, and Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law to enter this competition which offers Kentucky legal scholars the opportunity to earn recognition and a cash award. First, second, and third place awards will be given. The first place prize is $1,000 and possible publication in the Bench & Bar; second place is $300 and third place is $200. Students may enter their previously unpublished articles.  Articles entered should be of interest to Kentucky practitioners and follow the suggested guidelines and requirements found in the “General Format” section of the Bench & Bar Editorial Guidelines.  Submit entries with contact information by mail to: Communications Department, Kentucky Bar Association, 514 West Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40601-1812. Questions related to the contest can be directed to Barbara Thomas at or by phone, 502-564-3795, ext. 224.

Graduating Students: Please Complete Short Bar Exam Survey

If you have not yet completed the bar exam survey, please take a few seconds today to submit it electronically.  The survey consists of 5 short questions.  (See attached.)  Copies of the survey are also available outside Room 212.  Thank you!


Short Bar Exam Survey - Please Complete!

Are you graduating on May 8?  If so, please remember to complete the attached bar exam survey for the Academic Success Office.  The survey consists of 5 short questions and should take no longer than 30 seconds to complete.  Copies of the survey are also available outside Room 212.  Thank you!


Student Ambassador Applications

Do not forget to submit an application if you are interested in serving as a Student Ambassador for orientation.  To be eligible, you must be available for a mandatory training session on Monday, August 9, and must be free on the first day of orientation - Tuesday, August 10.  If you are interested in applying, please complete the attached application and submit it to Kimberly Ballard before June 15.

It's Time to Return Study Aids

If you stopped by the Academic Success Office to check out study aids this semester, please remember to return them this week.  If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly Ballard at

We Need Your Help for Orientation!

If you have a winning personality and a great work ethic - we want YOU!

The Admissions Department and Student Life are seeking applicants for Student Ambassador positions for orientation.  Student Ambassadors will serve as hosts to incoming law students during orientation, and will also assist the faculty and administration.  Student Ambassadors must be available for a mandatory training session on Monday, August 9, and must be free on the first day of orientation - Tuesday, August 10.  We will also need Student Ambassadors on the second and third days of orientation (August 11 and 12), and on Friday, August 13, for Service Day.  Student Ambassadors will receive a free t-shirt and all the fame you can handle!  If you are interested in applying, please complete the attached application and submit it to Kimberly Ballard before June 15 - the sooner the better!

Got Study Aids?? Donate Them!!

If you've got study aids that you will no longer be using, please consider donating them to the Academic Success Office.  Why?  There are several great reasons:  (1) you can de-clutter your car/home; (2) you will provide a great resource for other law students in the future; and (3) you may claim a tax deduction for your donated items up to the amount of their cost.  If you are interested in donating some of your study aids, please stop by the Academic Success Office, Room 212.  Thank you!

Short Bar Exam Survey for All Graduating Students

Attention Graduating Law Students:  In an effort to help our future graduates be successful on the bar exam, I am asking for your help with the attached survey.  The questions on the survey deal primarily with your preparation for the July 2010 bar exam.  All information within the survey will remain confidential.  The survey consists of 5 short questions.  You may return the survey by email, or you may drop it off at the Academic Success Office, Room 212.  Copies of the bar survey are also available outside the Academic Success Office.  Please return the survey by May 24, 2010.  Thank you!

Weekly Academic Success Tip - Adopt a Winning Attitude

You have worked hard all semester.  So, why not adopt a winning attitude and set high goals for yourself?  If you doubt your ability to do well on exams, you might fear that you will earn poor grades even after studying intensely.  During this last week of exams, do not allow yourself to be distracted from studying as a defensive mechanism to blame low grades on disruption of your study schedule.  Help avoid this trap by remembering that your value as a human being is not measured by your performance on law school exams.  By placing your study of law in proper perspective, you can moderate the pressure, freeing yourself to perform your best.  No one will fault you if you spare no effort to do your best, even if the results fall short of your expectations.  On the other hand, what a shame it will be if you squeak by after defensively limiting your opportunities to do well, and then spend your time wondering how much better you could have done had you pulled out all the stops. 

Approach this final week of exam preparation with all the dedication and enthusiasm you can muster, and try to visualize success on your exams.  You are more likely to rise to the top if you reach for the stars than if you stare at the ground in anticipation of defeat.  (Adapted from Law School Exams, Preparing and Writing to Win by Charles Calleros.)