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Cardmail Forwarding Broken

Any students who have been forwarding their Cardmail account to an external email account, such as Yahoo or Gmail, must read the notice from University IT as they are no longer properly receiving email.


 "This notice is being sent to all CardMail accounts

 ***CardMail forward rule issue ***

As part of the transition to Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Information Technology (IT) has discovered an issue affecting CardMail users. CardMail is no longer honoring forward rules to any external email system. Forwarding rules to are not affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as IT continues to work on a resolution to the issue.

Questions: Contact the HelpDesk, 852-7997 or "


 I have received further information from University IT that this issue may not be resolved any time soon and students expect to need to check their Cardmail account for the forseeable future.

Exam4 Practice Test Deadline Is Tonight!

Exam4 for Spring 2014 final exams is now available.

  • The deadline to submit an Exam4 practice test to qualify to use your computer on Spring 2014 final exams is 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, April 18, 2014.
  • All previous versions of Exam4 (i.e., those from Fall 2013 and prior) have expired, will not run, will not work, and will not help you.

You must always:

  1. Download and install the current version of Exam4 for your computer's operating system. Supported operating systems are listed here.
  2. Take and submit a practice test (choose "S14 Practice Exam" during start-up).
  3. For practice tests, identify yourself in the Exam Number field (twice) with your ULink user name (e.g., lhoswa01).

You must never:

  1. Ever, under any circumstances, identify yourself in Exam4 (or any other exam situation) using your UofL Student ID Number. This applies to practice tests, real exams--everything.

Within about an hour, you should receive a confirmation e-mail at your CardMail address. If you submit a practice test and do not receive the confirmation e-mail, then you have done something wrong and you must try again until you do.

Complete, detailed instructions for taking and submitting a practice test are here.

Students are reminded that, in order to use Exam4 to take final exams, they must comply with the Brandeis School of Law's Policy and Procedure Governing Examinations on Computer, including satisfactory completion of a practice test by 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, April 18, 2014. At the November 2013 faculty meeting, the faculty discussed and re-affirmed the law school policy that students who fail to complete a satisfactory practice exam in accordance with the rules established by the IT department MAY NOT use their computers to take final exams, and that, should a student use a computer on a final exam in violation of this policy, that student will receive no tech support during or after the exam, including but not limited to help re-booting or restoring an Exam4 session OR assistance uploading an exam or partial exam that the student may have written using Exam4. In addition, a letter describing the student’s violation of law school policy will be placed in the student’s record. This policy may result in your being unable to turn in part or all of your exam answers, should you fail to complete a satisfactory practice test. Deans on Duty and IT staff on duty have been advised of these policies.


Please do not risk failing an exam! If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, DO NOT use your computer to type your exam. Bluebooks are available from the Law Resource Center or the Dean on Duty.

About Exam4 and Student ID Numbers

In spite of training during the 1L year, regular announcements, information on our Web site, and policy, instructing students to always identify themselves on Exam4 practice tests using one's ULink user name (e.g., lhoswa01), some students continue to use their UofL Student ID Number, instead.

In the over ten years that the Brandeis School of Law has permitted students to take exams on computer, we have never required, asked or wanted students to identify themselves on any practice or real exam using student ID numbers. We never have, and we never will, so I am completely puzzled about how any student ever understood that he/she should use his/her student ID number on any electronic exam, practice or real.

Last spring, with the introduction of the app on the School of Law's Web site, which automatically sends an e-mail confirming receipt of one's valid Exam4 practice test, it became even more imperative that students submit practice tests using their ULink user names, and only their ULink user names.

- Dean Becker

Exam4 Practice Test Problems

If you experience or have experienced any problem with Exam4 while taking or submitting a practice test, please report it on our new Error Reporting Form (login required). The information you provide is extremely helpful for identifying software bugs or incompatibilities between Exam4 or some of its features and particular operating systems

Thank you! 

Before you were born ...

... the World Wide Web started here, 25 years ago today (3/12/2014).

University IT Closing Computer Repair April 30

University IT's personal computer repair service will close permanently April 30, 2014. This change only affects repair for personally purchased computer hardware. Repairs in progress will be completed, but no additional equipment will be accepted for repair after this date. Help with malware removal, passwords and other software-related issues will remain available from the iTech Connect office located on the lower level of Miller Information Technology Center (where McAlister's is located).

IT Staff Assisting with KY Bar Exam

The IT staff will be out of the office from about 3:00 p.m. Monday, February 24, through the entire day Tuesday, February 25, 2014, to assist with computer administration of the Kentucky Bar Exam in Lexington.

Since February 2008, the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions has used Extegrity's Exam4 for the Kentucky and Multistate Essay Exams.


Good luck to our graduates taking the Bar Exam!

Student Printing Issue

As of this weekend several students have reported being unable to print from their laptops due to an "unable to connect" error from Paper Cut. If you are experiencing this problem please email and indicate which version of Mac or Windows that you have (7, 8, 8.1, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mt. Lion, Mavericks). We are currently troubleshooting this issue with no ETA for repair and consequently all notifications of errors will aid us in the troubleshooting process. In the meantime please use the computer labs for printing as they are currently working. 


Spring 2014 Printing Allocation

Every current law student has received a 500-page printing allocation for Spring 2014.  Printing balances are cumulative, so many students have considerably more than 500 pages of available printing credit.  Additional printing credit may be purchased for $5.00 per 100 pages in the Law Resource Center, Room 272, during its normal business hours.  The IT Department, Law Library and other departments do not and cannot sell printing credit.

Wireless Connectivity Fixed

For those still having issues connecting to the wireless network please stop by the Law IT offices at your convenience but beware that exam issues take priority during exam time.  You can also use the following information to manually add the network to your computer if you feel comfortable doing so.