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Update on 1L Exam4 Practice Tests

As of an arbitrary moment in time this morning (Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009), the following four Exam4 practice tests were facially wrong:

  • 1594601
  • 3105
  • 3287
  • mafar01
None of these practice tests is identifiable by name with any particular individual.  If you are a 1L and submitted one of these practice tests, please do so again using your UofL user name (e.g., ldbran01) to identify yourself.  If you have already submitted a correct practice test, please disregard this, and thanks!

Lawlapalooza Student Ticket Winners

The following 20 first-year students successfully submitted an Exam4 practice test by 5:00 PM EDT, Monday, September 28, and their names were drawn at random to receive a free ticket, compliments of Professor Kurt "Wolfman" Metzmeier, to Lawlapalooza, Thursday, October 1, at the Phoenix Hill Tavern:

  1. Batey, Nathan
  2. Climer, Jeremy
  3. Donahue, Natalie
  4. Englert, Whitney
  5. Esser, Brian
  6. Fort, Nathan
  7. Garland, Todd
  8. Humphrey, Natalie
  9. Kahn, Melanie
  10. Leeper, Natalie
  11. Lewis, Mookie
  12. Murray, George
  13. Pickett, Melinda
  14. Potter, Sarah
  15. Simonson, Julie
  16. Smith, Natalie
  17. Spalding, John
  18. Theiss, James
  19. Turner, Chad
  20. Vinsel, Nancy

The tickets will be placed in your mailboxes this afternoon (Tuesday, September 29).  Congratulations to all, and many thanks to Professor Metzmeier!

Exam4 for 2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls

Exam4 for 2L, 3L and 4L students for Fall 2009 is not yet available.  The version now available for download is only for the Legal Research final and Professor Leibson's Torts I mid-term.  If you are not in Legal Research or Torts I, Professor Leibson, you do not have to do anything right now with respect to using Exam4.

We hope and expect to have the Fall 2009 finals version of Exam4, including Professional Responsiblity, available by October 19, with a tentative practice test deadline of October 31 for the finals version.

1L Exam4 Practice Tests So Far

As of 3:24 PM EDT, Saturday, September 26, 2009, the following 56 first-year students have submitted an Exam4 practice test, all of which but one (noted) were done correctly:

1594601 (Wrong. Try again.)
mafar01 (On second inspection, this is wrong, too.  Incomplete user name; unidentifiable.  Try again.)
mkahn01 (Actually, mlkahn01)

Reminder: Lawlapalooza Ticket Drawing for 1Ls

Just a reminder to 1Ls to take and submit an Exam4 practice test by 5:00 PM EDT, Monday, September 28, 2009 to be eligible to win one of 20 Lawlapalooza tickets, courtesy of Professor Kurt "Wolfman" Metzmeier.

Exam4 Now Available for Legal Research and Torts I Mid-Terms

A version of Exam4 for the Legal Research final and Torts I mid-term is available now.  For more information, including how to download, install and use Exam4 to take and submit practice tests and live exams, click here.

The Exam4 practice test deadline for 1Ls planning to use their computer to take either or both the Legal Research final exam and Professor Leibson's Torts I mid-term exam is 6:00 PM EDT, Saturday, October 3, 2009.  A propertly submitted practice test is a requirement before you may use your computer on either of these exams.  Students who fail to properly take and submit a practice test by the deadline will be refused technical assistance of any kind should they experience any technical difficulty using Exam4 on the Legal Research final and/or the Torts I mid-term.

Another version of Exam4 for all other exams will be forthcoming, and more information about that will be posted later.

Update on Exam4 and Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and MS Windows 7

Extegrity, publisher of Exam4, has posted the following on its Web site about Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Microsoft Windows 7:

Microsoft Windows 7

(Posted 26 Aug 09) Microsoft Windows 7 will not be supported for exams in 2009, nor for February 2010 bar exams. The consumer versions of Windows 7 incorporate modified and new functions. Extegrity's highest priority is to assure the stable and secure operation of Exam4. Updates regarding Windows 7 will be posted here, with the goal of supporting it for Spring 2010 midterm exams. If you are planning to purchase a laptop in the near future, we recommend buying one with Windows Vista now and upgrading to Windows 7 later, or if the desired laptop only comes with Windows 7, keep your previous laptop.

Apple Macintosh OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

(Posted 26 Aug 09) Macintosh OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, scheduled for release on 28 Aug 2009, is currently under review. We expect, but cannot yet commit, to support Snow Leopard for Fall 2009 midterms. If you are planning to purchase a laptop in the near future, we recommend buying one with Macintosh OS X 10.5 Leopard now and upgrading to Snow Leopard later, or if the desired laptop only comes with Snow Leopard, keep your previous laptop until our announcement of support for Snow Leopard.

New Policy on Audio-Video Recording of Events

At their meeting yesterday, the faculty adopted a new Policy on Audio-Video Recording of Events.  Student organizations and administrative departments sponsoring events that they wish to have recorded must follow the procedures outlined in the policy.

Web Site Access for Student Organization Officers

Student organization officers are urged to contact the IT staff to ensure that those who should have rights to post pages, stories and events on organizations' Web sites have them.  News items and events posted on student organization sites are automatically collected each day for inclusion in the Student Organizations News & Events e-mail newsletter.

It is each organization's responsibility to contact the School of Law's IT department regarding Web site access.

Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows 7

Friday, August 28, Apple will release Mac OS 10.6, popularly known as Snow Leopard; and on October 22, Microsoft is scheduled to release the retail version of Windows 7, which is already available through certain other channels.

Students are advised to NOT upgrade their laptops to either of these new operating systems or to purchase a new computer that comes with one of these operating systems until further notice because of unknown compatibility, or incompatibility, with Exam4.

We have contacted Extegrity to find out whether and when they will release versions of Exam4 compatible with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and are awaiting their response.  For the time being, though, students should assume that it will be some time before Exam4 is available for Snow Leopard and/or Windows 7.

University IT has also notified unit-level IT personnel that for now, ULink, PeopleSoft and Blackboard are not certified for use with Windows 7, specifically because Windows 7 comes bundled with Internet Explorer 8.  Consequently, students are also advised to not upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, which is available now as a Windows update.