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1L Daily Docket Winner

Congratulations to Stephany Hunter who is the winner of a Louisville t-shirt, UofL notecards, and a UofL Law decal.  Stop by Dean Ballard's office today before 5:00 p.m. to claim your prizes.

Academic Success Tip - Study Groups are not for Studying

Study groups are one of the most misunderstood aspects of law school life.  In fact, the term "study group" is something of a misnomer - "review group" may be more appropriate.  Review groups are most effective when all the group members have studied on their own and then come together to test each other's knowledge.  Before you decide whether or not to join a review group, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages.  The continuing orientation workshop this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in Room 275 will address these issues and more. 

CardSafety Phone App

Concerned about safety and security on campus?  Want to know what to do the next time a water main breaks? UofL's IT Department offers a free smartphone app, called CardSafety, that you may find helpful.  The app includes:

  • interactive maps for both Belknap (main) and Health Sciences campuses
  • what to do in case of 20 different types of emergencies
  • an automatic dialer for campus security and 911
  • links to UofL emergency web sites
Versions of the app are available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry operating system.  You may download the app here 

1L Daily Docket Winner

Congratulations to James Hafley who is the winner of a 4GB Swivel Travel USB Drive and a package of highlighters.  Please stop by Dean Ballard's office today before 5:00 p.m. to claim your prize.

Academic Success Tip - It Takes Time to Acquire New Skills in Law School

Even if you learn perfectly every bit of information presented to you in your texts and classes, you still may fail to do well in law school.  Although knowledge is crucial to success, the goal of legal education is to teach you skills.  In other words, what you need to learn is how to apply the knowledge you acquire and how to effectively do so in writing.  This point is often overlooked by new law students.  Your law school exams will require you to demonstrate your skills in applying your knowledge of the law to new situations.  Acquiring new skills requires you to practice those skills over and over and requires a large expenditure of time by you (and does not necessarily come easily or quickly).  Keep your focus this semester and allow the time necessary to develop these important skills.  Adapted from Expert Learning for Law Students by Michael Hunter Schwartz.

RSO Mandatory Meeting on September 10

Attention Law School Student Organization Leaders: 

Any law school student group hoping to be eligible for UofL funding must send two representatives, one of which is the group's President, to the mandatory RSO half-day meeting on Saturday, September 10, in the Student Activities Center.  The tentative schedule begins with check-in at 9:30AM and ends at 3:00PM and will include a free lunch for all participants. Follow the link below to register for the meeting:

If you believe your group will be unable to send representatives to this meeting, please contact the RSO staff ASAP.  Questions?  Contact Kristie Wetterer - SBA President.

1L Daily Docket Winner

Congratulations to Christopher Thurman who is the winner of a UofL Law School polo shirt.  Please stop by Dean Ballard's office today before 5:00 p.m. to claim your prize.

Academic Success Tip - Don't do Your Reading Too Far in Advance

The more you remember from your reading assignment, the more you will get out of class.  If you do your reading too far in advance, you will remember so little of the material that you will lose the benefits of working ahead.  As a general rule, try to complete your reading one to two days before class.  This, together with a five-minute pre-class review, will maximize your classroom learning.

MPRE Exam - November 5

If you are planning to sit for the November 5 MPRE, the regular application deadline is September 20.  Applicants may register for the MPRE online or by mail.  The online version of the 2011 MPRE Information Booklet and registration information appears at  Read the MPRE  Information Booklet carefully, as applicants are responsible for all information contained in it.  The booklet provides a description of the MPRE, an outline of the subject matter covered, representative sample questions, guidelines for taking the exam, as well as application information.

Academic Fellow Office Hours

Brandeis Academic Fellows will begin holding their office hours this week in Room 102.  Today, Zach Berry, John Friend, Pete Lay, Paige Hamby, and Patrick Smith will be in the office from 12:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.