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Law Clinic Accepting Applications for Fall Semester

Spring Clinic I (3 or 4 credit option) – 2015
The Robert and Sue Ellen Ackerson Law Clinic represents victims of domestic violence and other low income clients in Jefferson County District & Family Court.  Most cases involve Emergency Protective Order hearings and housing/eviction cases.  

The Ackerson Law Clinic is a student-run law firm supervised by Professor Shelley Santry. The student attorneys are responsible for handling all aspects of the cases. This includes interviewing the client, prepping the client for the hearing, gathering evidence, participating in hearings as a student attorney, and closing the case. 

To be eligible to participate in the clinic, students must have completed 60 hours. This is a requirement under Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR) 2.540 to receive a limited license to practice law. 

To apply, send an email to Professor Shelley Santry at including the following:
• Name, phone number and email;
• Resume;
• Unofficial transcript;
• Statement of Interest (not to exceed one page).

DEADLINE is 5:00 p.m. pm Wednesday, November 5. 

Rep. John Yarmuth Provides Perspectives on Immigration Reform Status at Diversity Forum on Women and Children at the Border

More than 51,000 unaccompanied children have crossed our nation’s borders since October 2013, an 88% increase from the previous year. They are fleeing violence and poverty in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Thousands of these children have made their way to Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana and are now awaiting deportation proceedings. On Tuesday, October 28th, an inter-disciplinary group of community activists, practitioners, students, and professors came together with Congressman Yarmuth to discuss responses to this humanitarian crisis. The program was coordinated by the Louisville Bar Foundation/Greenebaum Human Rights Fellows, Janet Lewis (3L) and Katherine Hall (2L). The program discussed the medical and psychological issues facing these immigrants, possible legal remedies available, and ways for the community to get involved. Panelists included Congressman John Yarmuth, 3rd District of Kentucky, Sarah Mills, Immigration Attorney-Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Nima Kulkarni, Louisville Bar Association Section on Human Rights, Jonathan Ruckman, Immigration Attorney-Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc., James Guinn, Survivors of Torture Recovery Center, Katherine E. Hall, Student Fellow, and Janet A. Lewis, Moderator and Student Fellow. 

KBA Criminal Law Reform - Third Annual Forum, November 7, Allen Courtroom

1L Registration Information

You will be eligible to register on Thursday, November 13, starting at 8:30 am.  You must have turned in your employment certification prior to registration (available outside 217).


To register, go to ULink,  Registration (right-hand side)  Registration Preparation – Registration Instructions (if they don’t know the process)  Registration,  Add Classes.


Be sure to print a copy of you schedule and keep the copy.


KBA Criminal Law Reform - Third Annual Forum, November 7, Allen Courtroom

KBA Criminal Law Reform - Third Annual Forum, November 7, Allen Courtroom

Windows 8.0 Users - Issue with Exam4

There is not a direct problem with Windows 8.0 and Exam 4 however Microsoft is now apparently pushing the update to 8.1.  This push comes in the form of a popup taking over your screen prompting you to install the Windows 8.1 update. The maximum amount of time to delay this install is 4 hours, after that the window will come back again and again until you eventually cannot delay it further and the install will start. Both the nag window to update and the actual install can occur while you are in Exam4 taking an exam and that will cause Exam4 to lock up.

If you have Windows 8.0 and have been avoiding updating to 8.1 please go ahead and update at your earliest convenience so this does not happen during finals as it will lock up Exam4 and make your laptop unusable for taking exams.

Following your upgrade to Windows 8.1, be sure to download, install and test the Windows 8.1 version of Exam4. 

Dinner & A Movie

The LBA will be hosting Dinner & A Movie at the Kentucky Science Center on Thursday, November 6. The legal community is invited for food and drinks from 5-6:30 p.m. and will then receive preferred seating for a screening of the classic film, “Inherit the Wind,” which is based on the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial.”

This could be a great opportunity for networking in a casual, fun atmosphere. Tickets are $20, but for law students we’re offering a discounted ticket of $15. This includes a buffet, complimentary beverage and movie candy to enjoy before or during the film. 

For more information or to register, go to – or you may contact Jenny Bencomo at or (502) 583-5314.

Mac Users - Problems with Yosemite

Some users who have upgraded to Mac OS X 10, Yosemite, have experienced network and printing issues on campus. This may be related to performing an update instead of a clean install. If you have experienced these issues or are considering updating to Yosemite please follow the instructions here, for a clean install of Yosemite. Once you have performed a clean install you will need to bring your laptop to Law IT in order to have the printers reinstalled.

New operating systems often have issues, especially in an enterprise environment (business/university) as opposed to home usage.  If you have moved to Yosemite please let me know at, even if you have not experienced problems on campus, so that I may better help those who are having issues.

Please note that if you do update you will need to download the Yosemite specific version of Exam4 and are strongly encouraged to take another practice exam to ensure Exam4 will work properly during your finals.

KBA Criminal Law Reform - Third Annual Forum, November 7, Allen Courtroom