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Certificate of Accomplishment in Skills for Graduates

Students enrolled in the Law School may earn a Certificate of Accomplishment in Litigation Skills or Transactional Skills upon graduation.  The requirements for receiving a certificate are on the law school web page at the "Academics" link under "Juris Doctor Program."  If you are not enrolled in the Certificate Program but have satisfied the requirements for the Certificate and wish to be recognized at graduation, please submit a completed form to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs no later than Wednesday, April 20.  The form is on the same webpage as the skills requirements.  Contact Dean Nowka if you have questions.

Political and Campaign Work This Summer

Attention 1 and 2L’s!  If you are interested in political and campaign work this summer, Andy Beshear is looking for a part-time intern to join his campaign staff in the Louisville office.  Duties would include helping with administrative work and assisting at fundraisers.  The position is unpaid, but is part-time which would allow you to work another paid, part-time positon.  This is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in politics and public service to work with a great candidate!  Contact: Mackenzie Wallace at with a resume and statement of interest.  Work would begin in May (after Derby of course).

Student Bar Foundation Board Applications

Applications for the Executive Board of the Student Bar Foundation are now available. Even if you have not participated in SBF in the past, you are more than welcome to apply.  Available positions include Vice Chair, Chair of Public Relations, Fundraising Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair of Member Involvement.

SBF is the only student-led and student-run organization that provides fellowships for law students who pursue low-paying or unpaid law-related public interest work. The fellowships allow recipients to deliver legal services to the poor and indigent, provide law-related public education, and improve ...the judiciary, the legal profession, and citizens' access to the justice system.

In addition, SBF is looking to expand its mission this coming year by providing opportunities for students to participate in both legal and non-legal community outreach projects as well as providing opportunities for students to learn more about careers in public service.

Applications are due to Emily DeVuono via email by Saturday, April 26 at  Please email Emily with any questions.

Lawlapalooza Needs Your Help!

The Lawlapalooza Committee is gearing up for Lawlapalooza 2014 and we need your help. For the past few events, the committee has decided on a theme or tag line in publications of the event. Past themes include "Law is a Battlefield", "I Rocked the Law" and "Law is Calling". This year, the committee would like to have input from the students for the theme. If you have any ideas for Lawlapalooza 2014, please send them to Jina Scinta at by Monday, May 5. The winner will be awarded a prize yet to be determined.

Government Honors & Internship Handbook Updates

The following government programs have deadlines coming up in the next few weeks.  Details of these programs are provided in the 2013-14 Government Honors & Internship Handbook, located at  For the user name and password to log onto the Handbook, email Ms. Reh at and provide her with the following:  your name, class year, and UofL email address.

1Ls for SUMMER 2014

State & Local Government

•Arkansas Office of the Attorney General – Law Clerk Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 04/30/14)



•Health & Human Services – Departmental Appeals Board Volunteer Internship/Externship (Unpaid, Deadline 05/31/14)
•Administrative Conference of the United States – Legal Internships (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14

State & Local Government

•Arkansas Office of the Attorney General – Law Clerk Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 04/30/14)
•California Franchise Tax Board – Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/15/14)
•Office of the City Attorney San Francisco – 2014 Intern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/13/14)

2Ls for SUMMER 2014

State & Local Government

•Arkansas Office of the Attorney General – Law Clerk Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 04/30/14)



•New York State Senate – New York State Senate Graduate Fellowship Program (Paid, Deadline 04/28/14)
•Executive Office of the President – Council on Environmental Quality Legal Clerkship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/02/14)
•Smithsonian Institution – Office of General Counsel Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/15/14)
•SEC – Student Honors Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/23/14)
•Health & Human Services – Departmental Appeals Board Volunteer Internship/Externship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/31/14)
•Administrative Conference of the United States – Legal Internships (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)
•Commission on International Religious Freedom – Volunteer Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)
•Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Enforcement Division Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)
•Environmental Protection Agency – R3 Law Clerk Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)
•House of Representatives – Committee on the Judiciary Majority Office Intern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)

State & Local Government

•Arkansas Office of the Attorney General – Law Clerk Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 04/30/14)
•California Franchise Tax Board – Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 05/15/14)
•Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – Chicago District Office Volunteer Legal Intern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/01/14 – Chicago Legal Unit)
•Office of the City Attorney San Francisco – 2014 Intern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/13/14)
•Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office – Volunteer and Certified Law Student Internship (Unpaid, Deadline 06/15/14)



•Department of State – Office of the Legal Advisor Summer Intern and Fall & Spring Extern Program (Unpaid, Deadline 06/01/14)


State & Local Government

•New York State Senate – New York State Senate Graduate Fellowship Program (Paid, Deadline 04/28/14)

2014 American Association for Justice Law Student Scholarships

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) is proud to announce its 2014 Law Student Scholarship cycle has begun. AAJ has four scholarships available for qualified law students.

The Richard D. Hailey Law Student Scholarship: AAJ's Minority Caucus awards up to six $1,000 scholarships to African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and Biracial Law Student Members who are entering their first, second, or third year of law school.  

The Trial Advocacy Scholarship is open to all AAJ Law Student Members who are entering their second and third year of law school. This $3,000 scholarship is awarded to the applicant who best demonstrates the following: commitment to AAJ and its mission; a desire to represent victims; interest and skill in trial advocacy; and financial need.   

The Leesfield Scholarship is sponsored by AAJ and AAJ member Ira Leesfield. This scholarship awards $2,500 to a Law Student Member to subsidize attendance at AAJ’s Annual Convention. Available to first- and second-year AAJ Law Student Members.  

The Mike Eidson Scholarship awards $5,000 annually to a female student entering her third year of law school (the student can be enrolled in a three-year day program or four-year night program) who has demonstrated a commitment to a career as a trial lawyer, along with dedication to upholding and defending the principles of the Constitution, and to the concept of a fair trial, the adversary system, and a just result for the injured, the accused, and those whose rights are jeopardized.

All scholarship applications are due May 1, 2014.

With the exception of the Mike Eidson Scholarship, applicants must be AAJ Law Students Members to qualify for the scholarships. Law Students can join AAJ at the rate of $15 for one year. Student membership applications can be found here.

Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD Opportunities for Funding

The Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD Program provides law students with the chance to serve a qualifying host organization of their choosing. AmeriCorps JD members expand the delivery of critically needed legal assistance in low-income and underserved communities across the country for veterans, military families, disaster victims, and other vulnerable populations.

The deadline for students to apply to the AmeriCorps JD program to receive a $1,175 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award has been extended through May 2.

More spots are available for students working with various populations in any area of law in addition to funding for students providing legal services to veterans, including those serving at legal aid, public defender, other nonprofit organizations, or local, county or state government agencies. Priority is given to projects with some focus on veterans or victims of disaster, however, funds are available for other service. AmeriCorps JD members must begin their service by June 30 and complete the required 300 hours of service within one year.

These funds are currently underutilized, so we encourage our students to apply!

By completing a simple application and consenting to a background check, students have the opportunity to earn additional funds for the work they are already doing this summer and throughout the school year while still being able to receive outside funding up to $4,300.

For more information please go to the Equal Justice Works website at

Judicial Internships Available

The Public Service Program has several judicial internships available for the summer. These opportunities would be especially beneficial to first year students who would like to add more legal experience to their resumes.??

These internships are voluntary and students can work both full-time and part-time. Students can receive public service credit for the internships. Most of the judges are in Jefferson County Circuit, District and Family Courts, but we also have a judge in Bullitt County Circuit Court and in Clark County (IN) Circuit Court.??

Some judges are asking for resumes from students by a certain deadline and others prefer to communicate by phone or e-mail. If you are interested in a judicial internship for the summer, please contact Jina Scinta ASAP at

Fellow Position Available for Central High School Partnership

A law student is needed to assist Professor Laura Rothstein with the Central High School Partnership and activities to enhance and fine tune the current program. Some assignments will be based on the skills and experiences of the individual in the position. The fellow must be someone currently or previously teaching in the program.

The time requirement will be a total of 50 hours spread through both semesters -- (schedule will be flexible and will not require work during the exam period). The Fellow will be compensated at a rate of $8.50/hour, in the form of tuition reduction.

Please see the attached application and description for more details on the position. Applications are due to Jina Scinta by Thursday, May 8.

Day at the Diamond - May 6, 6:35pm

3Ls! On May 6th, the SBA will be sponsoring a "Day at the Diamond!" The Louisville Bats play Norfolk at 6:35pm and all 3Ls are invited to attend the game, free of charge. Guests will be $5. We have reserved a block of Club seats (that are in the shade) and we will have access to the Jack Daniels Bar & Lounge. Please sign up using the following Google Form by FRIDAY, APRIL 18th AT NOON!! After this time, we will open the sign up sheet to the 1L and 2L classes to fill the remaining reserved seats, so make sure you sign up quickly! If you plan to bring a guest, please drop $5 off at the SBA Bookstore by Tuesday, April 22nd. Hope to see everyone there!!

3Ls only until April 18th at noon, please!