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MCB Good Luck!

Good luck to Greg Mayes and Brandon Johnson, who are competing in the Twentieth Annual National Health Law Moot Court Competition on November 4th and 5th. The competition is being held at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Professor Karen Jordan will be accompanying the team as coach.

MCB Happenings

Sign Up Deadlines for Moot Court Competitions

1. International Law - Tuesday, November 1 by 12:30 p.m.
2. Energy and Sustainablity Law - Tuesday, November 1.
3. Criminal Law - Wednesday, November 2 by 5 p.m.

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This is a reminder that the Office of Professional Development will be meeting with the first year students on Tuesday, November 1 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. in Room 275.  Dean Urbach will be giving helpful information regarding your resume, cover letters and interview skills.  You won't want to miss this opportunity.  Pizza and drinks will be served.

This is also a reminder that if you are interested in participating in the week-long projects lottery, please e-mail Jina Scinta by November 1.  Her e-mail address is

Academic Success Tip - Review Your Outlines

Review; review; and then review.  You want the course information to be as comfortable as a baggy pair of sweats when you walk into the exam.  If you do not consistently review material throughout the remainder of the semester, you will walk into your exams with information that feels like a stiff new suit instead.  Deep understanding and quick retrieval from memory pay off because of the time constraints of exams.  You can recognize the nuances in answer choices or fact patterns better, and you will not waste time trying to remember the material.  If you get in the habit of reviewing your outlines each week, you will have a better understanding of the material and will be better prepared for the intense course review before finals.

Spring Exam Schedule Correction

Please note a correction to the Spring 2012 Exam Schedule:  There is no exam for the EU seminar.

Externship and Clinic Info Session - TODAY!

Each semester, several opportunities exist for skills-based externship and law clinic experiences.   If you are thinking about participating in the law clinic or an externship during spring 2012 or summer 2012, please join us TODAY (Monday, October 31) to hear from faculty supervisors.  The information session will be at noon in Room 175.  Get answers to your questions before the registration period for the spring and summer semesters.
Information will be provided relating to the Law Clinic, the Entrepreneurship Clinic, and the following externships: Tax, Immigration, and Technology Transfer; Judicial; Criminal Justice - Defense; Criminal Justice - Prosecution; Legal Aid Society; County Attorney; and Clinical Research Contracts.

Academic Success Tip - Get Caught Up On Your Outlines

The time of the semester is here when you have no choice but to start thinking about exams.  There are only THREE full weeks of classes left.  You need to have a plan for exam studying or you will have too much to learn and not enough time in which to learn it.  Get caught up on your outlines quickly.  Your outlines will be your master documents for studying.  If you wait too long to get them up-to-date, you will not have enough time to review the material for deep understanding.  If you have the world’s best outline and do not study it thoroughly, you will not perform as well as you could on exams.  Your goal this weekend should be to catch up on your outlines and then outline every week.

MCB Happenings

Sign Up Deadlines for Moot Court Competitions

1. Tax Law - Friday, October 28 (submission date extended).

2. International Law - Tuesday, November 1 @ 12:30 p.m.

3. Energy and Sustainablity Law - Tuesday, November 1.

4. Criminal Law - Wednesday, November 2 @ 5 p.m.

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Mandatory Bar Program on Candor

Attention students graduating in December 2011, May 2012, or August 2012: 

On Thursday, November 10, at 12:15 p.m., representatives from the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions, including Mr. Grant Helman, Chair of the Character and Fitness Committee, will present a mandatory bar program for graduating law students on candor and related bar issues you may face when applying to take the bar. 

ABA Standard 302(a)(5) requires that each student receive substantial instruction in “the history, goals, structure, values, rules and responsibilities of the legal profession and its members.”  In addition, Interpretation 302-6 requires that the School of Law “involve members of the bench and bar in the instruction required by Standard 302(a)(5).”  This program is designed to provide instruction on professionalism issues concerning law students and lawyers and also to satisfy the ABA’s requirement in Standard 302(a)(5).

Your attendance at the November 10 program is a requirement for graduation.  If you have an absolute conflict that will prohibit you from attending the November 10 program, you must notify Dean Cross so that alternative arrangements can be made. 

KY and IN Bar Exam Information

If you are planning to take the Kentucky or Indiana bar exam in July 2012, but were unable to attend the Bar Exam Panel on Thursday, October 27, please stop by Dean Ballard's office (Room 212) to pick up a bar folder with helpful information.