Student News

SELS Meeting & Free Food

The SELS will be having a meeting Wednesday, September 1. There will be free food. We will be discussing the SELS tailgate for the UL v UK football game as well as having 1L elections. It will be in Room 275 at 12:10. Come on out and put your input in and see how you can get involved with SELS. All current members of SELS please be sure to attend! For any questions please contact Chrissy Pachuta.

Academic Success Tip - It Takes Time to Acquire New Skills in Law School

Even if you learn perfectly every bit of information presented to you in your texts and classes, you still may fail to do well in law school.  Although knowledge is crucial to success, the goal of legal education is to teach you skills.  In other words, what you need to learn is how to apply the knowledge you acquire and how to effectively do so in writing.  This point is often overlooked by new law students.  Your law school exams will require you to demonstrate your skills in applying your knowledge of the law to new situations.  Acquiring new skills requires you to practice those skills over and over and requires a large expenditure of time by you (and does not necessarily come easily or quickly).  Keep your focus this semester and allow the time necessary to develop these important skills.  Adapted from Expert Learning for Law Students by Michael Hunter Schwartz.

Nominate a student for Student of the Month

Nominate a student for SBA Student of the Month. To nominate click here: Any law student, faculty member, or staff member may nominate a student. If you have any questions, please email Chris Robert at

Student Mailboxes have MOVED

The student mailboxes have moved to the basement hallway in between the two doors that lead into room LL075 (near the back stairwell and the SBA Bookstore).

Feedback on Spring 2011 Schedule: September 1 Deadline

September 1 is the deadline for submitting concerns, requests, or input about the Spring 2011 schedule.  A few changes will need to be made to meet student needs and interests and to resolve a couple of unavoidable problems in the current schedule.  All of these changes need to be made soon after September 1 and the schedule prepared for registration later in the fall semester.  Please submit any input by September 1 to Associate Dean Arnold at  Thanks!

ACS Membership Meeting

The American Constitution Society is having a membership meeting on Wendesday, August 25, at 12:10 in Room 175. Please come learn about ACS and how to get involved. The meeting will be short and should only last twenty to thirty minutes. If you have any questions please contact Katie Reisz.

Academic Success Tip - Don't do Your Reading Too Far in Advance

The more you remember from your reading assignment, the more you will get out of class.  If you do your reading too long before a class meets, you will remember so little of the material that you will lose the benefits of working ahead.  As a general rule, try to complete your reading one to two days before class.  This, together with a five-minute pre-class review, will maximize your classroom learning.

Academic Success Tip - Use Your Time Efficiently and Effectively

Time is a precious commodity in law school.  Law students are always looking for shortcuts; however, shortcuts are not the answer.  Instead, you want to use your time more efficiently and effectively.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Learn the material as you read it rather than highlight it to learn later.  Ask questions while you read.  Make margin notes as you read.  Brief the case or make additional notes to emphasize the main points and big picture of the topic after you finish reading.  If you only do cursory "survival" reading, you will have to re-read for learning later which means double work.
  2. Review what you have read before class.   By reviewing, you reinforce your learning.  You will be able to follow in class better.  You will recognize what is important for note taking rather than taking down everything the professor says.  You will be able to respond to questions more easily.  Your confidence level about the material will increase.
  3. Be more efficient and effective in taking class notes.  Listen carefully in class.  Take down the main points rather than frantically writing or typing verbatim notes.  Use consistent symbols and abbreviations in your notes.  
  4. Review your class notes within 24 hours.  Fill in gaps.  Organize the notes if needed.  Note any questions that you have.  If you wait to review your notes until you are outlining, you will have less recall of the material.
  5. Regularly review material.   We forget 80% of what we learn in 2 weeks if we do not review.  Regular review of your outlines will mean less cramming at the end of the semester.  You save time ultimately by not re-learning.   You gain deeper understanding.  You have less stress at exam time.
  6. Look for the big picture at the end of each sub-topic and topic.  Do not wait until pre-exam studying to pull the course together.  Synthesize the cases that you have read on a sub-topic: how are they different and similar.  Determine the main points that you need to cull from cases for the sub-topic or topic.  Analyze how the sub-topics or topics are inter-related.  
  7. Ask the professors questions as soon as you can.  Do not store up questions like a squirrel storing nuts for winter.  The sooner you get your questions answered, the greater your comprehension of current material.  New topics often build on understanding of prior topics.  Unanswered questions merely lead to more confusion and less learning.

Student Lockers

If you would like to purchase a student locker, you may do so in the Law Resource Center, room 272. The price is $35. You will get $25 back when you return the lock. You may pay with either cash or check.

Moot Court Board members invited to a special session with Justice Cunningham

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham will be the Law School's judge-in-residence on Monday, August 23.  Justice Cunningham will conduct a community-wide forum from 11:45 to 12:30. Students, staff, and faculty are invited to that forum.  Dean Chen has allotted 20 minutes (12:35-12:55) after the forum for moot court participants to meet with Justice Cunningham to get advice on excelling in moot court competitions and oral advocacy in general.  Members, please make every effort to attend. Email Marilyn Osborn if you will be attending.