Student News

Josh Porter Wins the First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition

The Moot Court Board congratulates Josh Porter for winning the second annual First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition.  Mr. Porter defeated Jenn Seiwertsen in the finals. Special thanks go to Chief Judge Sara Combs, Judge Tom Wine, and Judge Fred Cowan for judging the finals.

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 WLC Officers

Congratulations to the new  WLC officers for 2010-2011.  We look forward to another very successful year under their leadership! 


President: Brooke McCord

Vice President: Lani Burt

Treasurer: Amanda Prager

Secretary: Nancy Vinsel

PR Chair: Mookie Lewis

Careers in Community Organizing for Social Justice

Exam Tip - Skeletal Outlines, Instructions, and Organization

Skeletal Outlines - You will be nervous when the examination proctor says “Begin,” so the worst thing you can do is to start writing out your answer immediately.  Instead, consider writing out your skeletal outline as soon as the exam begins.  A skeletal outline is merely an organized list of principles and issues, created by you, which relates to a given area of the law.  Think about the outline you have been creating all semester, but now reduce it down to a page or two – this is your skeletal outline.  Writing out this list will give a few moments to compose your thoughts before digging into the exam. 

Instructions - Read the instructions!  This is the most obvious advice imaginable, but every exam period several students will, for example, answer 3 short exam questions, only to discover that the instructions said “provide an answer to 1 of the following 3 hypotheticals.”  Most students get flustered at the start of an exam, so this type of mistake is more common than you might imagine.  When the exam starts, take a deep breath, slow yourself down, and read the instructions.

Organization - Before answering an essay question, you must outline and organize your response.  Too many students read the first sentence in an essay exam question, recognize an issue, and are so overjoyed at finding an issue that they spend the next 20 minutes responding to it.  The problem with this approach is that the fact pattern was probably over a page long, and the writer just spent more time than was necessary in responding to a relatively straightforward issue.  While different students outline differently, students who perform well on law school exams take the time to read through the entire essay question, create a list of the various issues contained therein, and then take a few more minutes to separate out the major issues from the minor ones.  This approach will give you a better sense of how much time you have to complete your entire answer. 

Legal Aid Barbri Fellow

On March 30th, Ryan Feola auctioned one law review course and two gift certificates that were generously donated by Barbri. The money that was raised will fund the first Legal Aid Barbri Fellow, Greg Thompson. Lauren Bean, Doug Dawson, and Barry Dunn were the winning bidders. Kudos to Colleen Hagan for organizing the event!


Senior Day at the Downs

All graduating law students are invited to attend Senior Day at the Downs.  On Thursday, May 6th, the Churchill Downs gates will open for a celebration for the May 2010 graduates.  Admission for May 2010 Graduates is free.  $15 is the price for everyone else. 

Tickets must be reserved by April 29th. Visit UofL's Alumni Connections for details.

Federalist Society Elections

The Federalist Society will hold officer elections for the 2010-2011 school year, today at 4:15 in Room 177. You may nominate yourself by emailing Shem Beard at or you may nominate yourself at the meeting. You may nominate yourself even if you are unable to attend.


ATTENTION 1L STUDENTS:  If you are not a member of a Structured Study Group this semester but would like to take a mini practice exam and receive feedback, plan to meet in Room 275 today at 1:15.  The mini exam will consist of one short answer question for Civil Procedure, Torts, Criminal Law, Property, and Contracts, plus 7 Civil Procedure multiple-choice questions.  If you take the practice exam today, your exam will be returned in your mailbox by Friday with feedback. 

Federalist Society Meeting

On Thursday, April 8, at 4:10 P.M. in room 177, the Federalist Society will meet to elect next year's officers. The meeting is open to anyone interested in helping organize next year's events.

University of Louisville Law Review Membership Applications Now Available

The University of Louisville Law Review membership applications are now available from the Faculy Resource Center (across from room 275).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tommy Sturgeon at  We look forward to your application!