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Law School Reopens

Dear Law School community:
The Law School will be OPEN on Friday, August 7.  All faculty and staff should report according to the normal schedule.
Some basement areas, especially in the library, may remain inaccessible.  Please observe posted signs regarding access.
On behalf of the Law School, I thank the University of Louisville workers who have labored tirelessly to bring our campus back from Tuesday's storm.
Best wishes,
Jim Chen

"Help" Day Canceled for Returning Students

Because of a purchasing snafu, the IT staff will NOT be deploying a new file server this week, nor making most other previously announced changes to returning students' Lawnet accounts.  The only scheduled change, which has already been implemented, is moving the School of Law's Web site over to ULink authentication.

Consequently, the "Help" Day previously scheduled for Monday, August 10, for returning students is canceled, primarily because there is nothing new to connect or configure for returning students.

The previously planned network changes, including deploying a new file server and copying students' documents and files to it, and moving Law Library lab computers and printers over to the University's Windows Active Directory domain, are now tentatively scheduled to occur after fall 2009 final exams.


Assignments for First Week of Class

As you are surely aware from having watched "The Paper Chase" yet again this summer, law school professors typically post reading assignments for the first day or week of class in advance.  Those are, or will be, available on the School of Law Web site at  This is a private page, so you must log in with your ULink credentials to view the page.  Faculty post their assignments themselves, so if you don't see an assignment right away, check back often until it's there.

Some faculty use Blackboard, and if they do, they are likely to put a comment or link to that effect on the assignment page for their class.  Blackboard also uses your ULink credentials, so once you are registered for your classes, you should have no trouble getting into Blackboard:

Other faculty use a Web-based course management system from Westlaw called TWEN (The West Education Network).  You will not have access to TWEN, or any other Westlaw service, until you receive and register your Westlaw password, which will not happen until Orientation next week.  You will learn more about that at Orientation.

Do not fret.  You will not be at any disadvantage if you must wait until next week to get your first-week assignments.

[Orientation] Second Required Assignment

Second Required Assignment / Reading Assignment


At orientation, Judge Sara Combs will administer the UofL Brandeis School of Law pledge, which includes a statement that you pledge to support and defend the Codes of Honor and Conduct of the Law School and the University. The School of Law's Honor Code also incorporates by reference the University's Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. These codes are attached to this posting.

Please read these codes before you come to orientation. Be especially familiar with the School of Law's Honor Code. The School of Law treats compliance with the Honor Code as each student's most serious obligation.

[orientation] REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT for Orientation


All Incoming First Year Students and International Visitors: 

The attached pdf document (1 L Orientation - How to Brief a Case) includes the material you will need to complete your assignment for the Academic Success and Contracts classes at orientation.  You will need to bring this completed assignment to orientation on Wednesday August 12.  Please contact Ms Kimberly Ballard, Director, Academic Success, if you have questions or difficulty accessing the document.

[Orientation] Full Schedule for Orientation

[Orientation] Another Orientation Update, With an Attached Schedule

TO ALL: Some formatting issues have made a couple of announcements difficult to read. If you are having those problems, trying another browser might help. I've tried to keep formatting simple in this announcement.

To all Incoming First Year Students: Note that the orientation includes an opening ceremony on August 11 to which family and friends are invited. They are invited first to the law school from 7:45 - 8:30 a.m. for a light breakfast; all first year students will register at this time. We will then walk over to Strickler Hall for the convocation, which will begin at 9:00 and end at 10:15 a.m. After that, first year students will be involved in a number of orientation activities. The activities and programming for the day will end at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Please see the attached schedule for more details on the August 11 and the August 12-14 schedules.


To all transfer students, visiting students, and international students: Information has been sent to all transfer students, visiting students, and international students concerning their specific orientation activities. Generally, international students will register for classes on August 10 and then join the first year class for orientation on August 11-14. Transfer students and non-international visitors are also invited and encouraged to attend an optional session on August 10 to help them register for classes. Their orientation will be on August 11. Any visitors, transfers or international students who do not have the specific information on these activities should contact Admissions immediately. Please see the last page of the attached schedule for the schedule for visitors and transfers.


To all students new to the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law: Orientation is a requirement for attending the School of Law.

[Orientation] Invitation to Family and Friends


Students: On Tuesday August 11, your law school orientation will begin with a Welcome 2009 program to which your family and friends are invited.  The schedule for this part of orientation is pasted below.

Please dress appropriately for your opening ceremony, but also bear in mind that Louisville is typically hot and humid and that later in the day you will be outside for some activities.   Recommended is "summer casual" - skirts or long pants (e.g., khakis) and short sleeve shirts or tops.  After Tuesday, shorts and flip-flops are fine.


Tuesday A.M. August 11


7:45 - 8:30:Registration at Law School. Continental breakfast provided.

9:00 - 10:15: Welcome 2009 1-Ls, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. Family and friends invited. Location is Strickler Hall.  

9:00: Oh, the Places You've Been: Presentation of the Class, Brandon L. Hamilton, Assistant Dean for Admissions

The Place Where You'll Be: Welcome to the School of Law, Jim Chen, Dean

Oh, the Places You Can Go: Your Future in Law, Kathy Urbach, Assistant Dean for Career Services and Public Service

Administration of the University of Louisville School of Law Pledge, The Honorable Sara Combs, Chief Judge, Kentucky Court of Appeals

Your Journey Has Begun, Bonnie C. Kittinger, Director & General Counsel, Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions

An Invitation for All Students

Please help us welcome the first-year class by participating in their Community Service Day. 

The Student Bar Association has come up with an incredible list of service projects for the first years’ Community Service Day, an optional activity scheduled as part of Orientation.  All students, not just first years, are invited and encouraged to participate.  Faculty and Staff will also be participating.

For a complete list of projects, click here.

[orientation] Update on Current Openings for Service Projects

Your responses continue to come in; the class participation rate is wonderful.  It tentatively looks like all first year students who have volunteered thus far will be able to work on one of their three choices.   If you have not volunteered yet, please do so by July 27.

At this time, Brightside has unlimited openings, as this is our spillover activity.   We will make room for all who volunteer for this.

We also still have limited openings in:
Kentucky Refugee Ministries
Masonic Homes
St. Vincent DePaul

Some of these have only one or two slots available, though, so get your RSVP in now!   Scroll down to the earlier announcment for the basics and and then check your UofL email for details.

We will hand out your project assignments at orientation.  As always, email me if you have questions. 

JLE is Conducting Interviews For New Members

The Journal Of Law and Education is currently offering opportunities for membership. Interested students should contact Algeria Ford at to schedule a personal interview.