Student News

Fellow Position Available for Central High School Partnership

A law student is needed to assist Professor Laura Rothstein with the Central High School Partnership and activities to enhance and fine tune the current program. Some assignments will be based on the skills and experiences of the individual in the position.

The time requirement will be a total of 50 hours spread through both semesters -- (schedule will be flexible and will not require work during the exam period). The Fellow will be compensated at a rate of $9.00/hour, in the form of tuition reduction.

Please see the attached application and description for more details on the position. Applications are due to Jina Scinta by Wednesday, April 15.

Federal Tax Externship – 2015 Summer and Fall

The tax externships are now filled for summer 2015 and fall 2015.  
If you would like to be on a waitlist for summer or fall 2015, send an email to Professor Tom Blackburn and you will be placed on the waitlist.

Those interested in the spring 2016 tax externship should also email Professor Blackburn ( and he will send you the Syllabus and other information about the externship, along with instructions on how to submit a pre-application for 2016 spring.

The local office of IRS Chief Counsel is the “law firm” for the local IRS office and agents.  The office of Chief Counsel functions much like any other law firm, except that their only client is the IRS. 

Externs work under the direct supervision of IRS attorneys and Professor Blackburn. The local IRS office of Chief Counsel handles a variety of tax issues including issues related to individuals and business entities.  The office also handles a number of non-tax issues such as bankruptcy (income tax debts can discharged in bankruptcy), contract and property rights under Kentucky or Federal law; criminal law issues,  trial related issues such as statute of limitations, jurisdiction, discovery and evidence issues.

Externs participate directly in IRS staff meetings; externs research and write legal memos, meet with taxpayers and their attorneys and CPAs, meet with IRS agents; they often take the lead role in meetings with pro se taxpayers, they assist IRS trial attorneys with trial preparation, with trials and sometimes student-externs represent the IRS in U.S. Tax Court trials involving pro se taxpayers.

To be eligible for this externship you must be enrolled in school on at least a half-time basis and you must have successfully completed at least one course in Federal taxation.

If you would like more information, please contact Professor Blackburn ( or 502-852-6384). The required security clearance can take four to six weeks, so the process needs to be completed before the fall semester begins.

Malware Leading to Theft

Please be aware that there are more ways to attempt to steal your banking information than a poorly worded email asking you to transfer money to a Nigerian Prince. A new-ish method has proven very successful, and gained in popularity recently. This image shows how this attack is used against an organization, all the steps are the same for individual victims, but the dollar amount is typically smaller, unless you're already a multi-millionaire.

First your computer gets infected, then when you navigate to a banking site on your web browser you are directed away from it to a site notifying you that you have to call your bank. The number provided is not legitimate and at this point you need to not call that number and take your computer to a repair center to have the infection removed.

Please, also be reminded that if you receive a call from Microsoft informing you that your computer is having a problem, you are being scammed, especially if you have a Mac and don’t even have a Windows PC.

Women's Law Caucus Open Positions!

Don't forget to send in a paragraph of interest to Jenna Brady ( if you are interested in becoming an officer in the Women's Law Caucus! Open positions include Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Public Relations Chair. Tell us which position you are interested in and why you'd be a good fit. These are due by Sunday, April 12th at 5:00 p.m. Elections will be next week. Thanks! 

Legal Aid Society Still Seeking Equal Justice Works Intern

The Legal Aid Society is looking for a law student to assist with their Equal Justice Works Americorps Legal Fellows provide free civil legal services to veterans. Student can begin working at any time.

Student may recieve a $1,175 education award as part of their internship and are required to perform at least 300 hours of service to complete the internship. This program is administered through a partnerhsip with the Legal Aid Society, Equal Justice Works and AmeriCorps.

The deadline to apply is Monday, April 13th. Log on to Symplicity for additional information and how to apply.

Deadline for Arbitration Team Interview Materials Extended

Because of confusion regarding the date when materials were due for Arbitration Team interviews, the deadline for materials (form, statement of interest, unofficial law school transcript, and resume) has been extended to Friday, April 10 at noon.  Please give these materials to Professor Levinson or place them in the marked folder on the Moot Court Board office door.  

During your interview, you will be asked to give an opening statement (no longer than 10  minutes) on behalf of Banner Trucking from the case file of last year’s competition.

 Any 1L wishing to participate in the team MUST be taking evidence during the fall semester.

Please email Andrew Lakin at in order to receive the problem and candidacy form, and if you any other questions.

Volunteer Summer Internship Available

A volunteer summer internship position is available for the 12th Judicial Circuit (Oldham, Henry & Trimble Counties--Judicial Offices are located in LaGrange, Oldham County). This is an unpaid internship which requires legal research, drafting and includes courtroom observation. This position is eligible for funding through the Greenebaum Public Service Fellowships. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 10. Please see log onto Symplicity for more information and how to apply.

Greenebaum Summer Fellowships for Students with Unpaid Public Service Jobs

Applications are now being accepted from 1Ls and 2Ls for the Greenebaum Summer Fellowships. The Greenebaum Summer Fellowships will provide summer grants to Brandeis students working in unpaid public service jobs this summer. Students must find their own placements for the summer and cannot apply for the fellowship until they secure a placement. Students interested in the fellowship cannot receive a salary for their work or externship credit.

The application for the fellowship is available on Symplicity in the Documents Library located under the Resources Tab. The fellowship awards will be granted on a rolling basis between March and the end of the school year to allow interested students time to find a public service position and apply. Students need only apply once and their application will considered for each of the fellowship awards. Positions with nonprofits, government agencies and judges will be eligible for the Greenebaum Fellowship. These fellowships are geared to allow students to pursue opportunities throughout the country. The committee will continue to accept applications for Greenebaum Fellowships until May 1. Contact Jina Scinta in the Office of Professional Development ( after you have reviewed the application if you have questions.

$5000 Johnston Real Estate Law Summer Fellowship - Deadline TODAY

Applications are now being accepted from 1Ls and 2Ls for the R. Harvey Johnston, III Real Estate Law Summer Fellowship which will support a Brandeis student who works this summer in the field of real estate law. The amount of the fellowship is $5,000. Candidates who apply for the fellowship must find their own placement for the summer with a sponsoring organization. A sponsoring organization can be any organization engaged in a significant amount of legal work concerning real estate. It can be a law firm (including a solo practitioner), a government agency, a nonprofit organization, a title company, a financial institution, or any other organization in which an attorney would be supervising the student's work.

The application for the Johnston Fellowship is located in Symplicity's Document Library under the Resources Tab. If you have any questions about the application process or finding a sponsoring organization, please contact Dean Hajek at The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 9 and your application must be submitted to Debra Reh at in the Office of Professional Development via email by 4:00 p.m. to be considered.

Civil procedure scholar, NYU Professor Arthur Miller talks privacy with Brandeis students

Arthur R. Miller, one of the leading scholars in the field of civil procedure and a professor at NYU Law School, spoke to Brandeis School of Law students today prior to his awards ceremony tonight as the recipient of the annual Brandeis Award.

Professor Miller, coauthor of Federal Practice and Procedure, and author of The Assault on Privacy, discussed preparedness and how the meaning of privacy has changed with the acceleration of technology. Professor Miller’s Assault on Privacy book was published in 1971 and foreshadowed many emerging concerns about technology breaches.

During today’s talk, he was interviewed by Brandeis Professor Les Abramson, who was taught by Professor Miller at the University of Michigan prior to his careers at Harvard and NYU.

“What makes Arthur Miller so unique is his dedication to education,” Professor Abramson said.

Professor Miller's biggest piece of advice to Brandeis students was to be prepared.

“You can’t tell a judge you’re unprepared, or a professor you’re unprepared. You’re going into a profession with very heavy responsibilities. It is your duty to be prepared,” he said. “For any type of lawyer, the cardinal rule is preparation. You have to be a master of the facts and how the law is applicable to your case.”

Professor Miller said he learned how to hone these skills through his litigation and teaching experience, as well as his experience as Good Morning America’s legal expert.

“Whether you have 50 minutes, 30 minutes or 3 ½ minutes, you have to be able to take a complex issue and respond. As you go through life, you will have to deal with situations with a judge or a colleague or an adversary and you do not have unlimited time,” he said. “You have to be the filter, organizer, synthesizer and projector.”


Professor Miller also touched on his flagship topic of privacy, saying when his Assault on Privacy book was first published in the early 1970s, many people believed we were in the beginning phase of Big Brother.

“I stumbled into the world of privacy and realized it means different things to different people. Privacy is of many dimensions – from sexual privacy to hair coloring privacy,” he said. “We now have the Internet and its scale transcends anything I would have imagined when I wrote this book.”

Professor Miller said when the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 happened, the lines of privacy became even more ambiguous.

“The war on terror required intrusions of privacy,” he said. “One of the joys of being in the legal profession is we’re frequently dealing with rights in conflict, such as national security’s conflict with privacy.”

Social media adds an even murkier dimension.

“Anyone who gives a fig about privacy is nuts to be on Facebook,” he said. “The Internet and social media change everything. Where it will end up, I don’t know.”