Legal Profession Curriculum - Mandatory 2L Program on Financial Responsibility

Attention Second-Year Law Students (graduating in December 2013, May 2014, or August 2014):
On Tuesday, February 5, at 12:15 p.m., the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions, with a member of the Character and Fitness Committee, will present a mandatory bar program for second year law students. The Board of Bar Examiners’ Character and Fitness Committee must certify graduating law students before they are allowed to sit for the bar.  One fact the committee members look at closely is the applicant’s record of financial responsibility.

Judge Gary Payne, Character and Fitness Committee member, and Beth Feamster, Director and General Counsel, will discuss financial responsibility in the context of professionalism and a lawyer’s obligation to uphold the values of the profession.  Judge Payne will discuss how financial debt can evidence a lack of responsibility and further, how debt can lead to financial pressures and interfere with a lawyer’s duties to his or her clients.  

Attendance at the February 5 program is a requirement for graduation.  Please mark your calendar.  If you anticipate a work conflict, please make arrangements now to ensure your attendance at the mandatory program.