Legislative History Resources

October 30, 2013, 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Basement Lab, Law Library

Legislative History Resources at the UofL Law Library:  ProQuest Congressional and HeinOnline Historical Statutes Databases

Just in time for Halloween, chocolate candy will be offered to everyone who attends!

Attention Law Review Editors: Professor Metzmeier will be available for personalized research assistance following his presentation.  

Researching the legislative history of a statute (or trying to finding older versions of a law) is a necessary but often dreaded part of legal practice. If an attorney has a case that turns on a disputed passage of a state or federal law, it’s likely that he or she—or the newest  law clerk in the office—is doomed to a long day amidst piles of dusty books. Or not. This session will introduce researchers to two valuable services for which the Law Library subscribes that can be used in legislative research:  ProQuest Congressional, a professional data service that covers the U.S. Congress, and the state statute databases of HeinOnline, which contain session laws and old statutory codes for all the fifty states.