Attention 1L's!! Additional Week-Long Public Service Project is Available

The Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission has four projects they need help on during the week of December 16.  They are in need of one student for each of the following projects: 

  • Policies and Procedures Manual- the policy and procedures manual needs a significant amount of updating.
  •  Exemptions Compilation- in the discrimination complaint process, there are several pieces of the ordinance with exemptions. We would like a student to compile these exemptions, through each of the divisions (housing, employment, etc.) so that there is a quick fact check sheet for intake officers and investigators.
  • Goal Statements with Commission Board Members- as part of an annual review, we would like a student to call each of the board members and get both a review and a goal statement from them. From there, they should compile the information so that it is clear what we should continue doing, what needs work, what needs abandonment, and what new ventures we should involve ourselves with.
          Reconfiguration of handouts- the current handouts are separated by division within the department. We would like a condensed one.
  • Complaintant interviews and Legal Research - working on files dealing with complaints of discrimination.  Students will do initial Complainant interviews, legal research into discrimination issues such as disability, age, etc.

First year students will get first choice of these projects.  If you are a first year and would like to do your week-long public service project with this organization the week of December 16, please indicate your choice on the week-long project interest form you received at the mandatory 1L meetings last week.  If you have already turned in your interest form and would like to add one of the above projects to your list, please contact Jina Scinta at to let her know.

The deadline for turning the week-long project interest forms is Thursday, October 31. Please turn them in to Ms. Scinta. If not enough interest is shown by the first year students, we will open these opportunities to all students after October 31.