Writing a Research Paper for Writing Requirement Credit--Spring 2014


Today, Wednesday January 15, I once again had an enjoyable opportunity to present for the 2L & 3L Academic Success Program. The program was on "Writing a Research Paper for Writing Requirement Credit." If you attended and want to see a copy of the presentation slides and handouts, skip to the bottom. If you couldn't make you are also welcome to look at the handouts. 

IThe one-hour session began by discussing the student handbook section that sets out the writing requirement, noting its importance as a core requirement of a professional degree.  Then I provided general advice on picking a topic, with some emphasis on library resources like subject-specific legal newsletters, ProfBlogs, and general legal news sources that may helpful in generating topics. Researching the policy aspects of legal issues that come up in seminar papers was briefly discussed, leading next to a treatment of issues involved in writing of a research paper.  Issues discussed incuded creating outlines, constructing a thesis, resolving common style and grammar issues, proofreading, and avoiding plagiarism by the proper use of quotation and citation.  Given the limited time to discuss these matters, liberal mention was given to resources like Eugene Volokh’s Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers, and the collection of other legal writing books on reserve in the law library, as well is in the Academic Success Office's library.

The handouts are here:

If you have any questions are want follow up assistance don't hesitate to come by the law library or to email me any questions to kurt.metzmeier@louisville.edu.

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