Check Out the Transformed Courtyards!

Check out the transformation that has taken place in the Law School courtyards, to be named the Charles Hebel, Jr., and Carol Hebel Courtyards.  The Law School community has turned these previously unused and unattractive spaces into environmentally, humanly, and socially sustainable spaces with (mostly) native landscaping and places to relax and enjoy nature.  The landscaping and planting work is done, and in the coming weeks, the courtyards will be power-washed and outdoor furniture will be installed.  The soil around the pin oak in the west courtyard will be decompacted later this fall, and eventually hostas will be added around it.  A huge thanks to our donors, Charles Hebel, Jr., a 1955 graduate of the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, his wife Carol Hebel, and his son Charles Hebel, III, as well as to two University departments – Physical Plant and Communications/Media – which provided major ongoing support for this project.  And a huge thanks to all of the members of the Law School community who were involved in conceiving the project, designing the plans, and doing the hard work of preparing the soils, transporting the plants to the law school, and planting the plants.  The three dozen volunteers – students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends (including from other academic units) – who worked on the project during the past three weeks include:

Les Abramson
Tony Arnold
Angela Beverly
Ross Bradley
Scott Campbell
Alexandra Chase
Susan Duncan
Jen Ewa
Linda Ewald
Ryan Fenwick
Judy Fischer
Jacob Giesecke
Grace Giesel
James Giesel
Brandon Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kirkham
Emily Kosse
Maria Kosse
Eric Matthews
Matt McClinton
Tyler Miller
Jon-Paul Moody
Ella Neely
Rick Nowka
Mickey Paul
Debra Reh
Laura Rothstein
Eunice Salazar
Shelley Santry
Bailey Schrupp
Chris Schulz
Allison Frakes Smith
Virginia Smith
Michael Van Sickle
Becky Wimberg

The project was featured on WHAS11 as an example of a volunteers giving back to the community:  Come, hang out, and enjoy!