Click and Clack for the Generation without History?


A exciting new radio program launched in June that that aspires to do for American history what CarTalk did for automobile repair. Sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, BackStory takes a modern problem and places in its context with a "fab three" of US history: Peter Onuf, the "18th Century Guy," Ed Ayers, the "19th Century Guy," and Brian Balogh, the "20th Century Guy." Ed Ayers (left in photo) is President of the University of Richmond. Brian Balogh (center)is a professor of history at the University of Virginia and Co-Chair of the Governing America in a Global Era Program at UVA’s Miller Center of Public Affairs. Peter Onuf (right) is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor of History at UVA . (While not exclusively a legal historian, Onuf has written several important books on the Constitutional period.

Backstory has an informative website, with a RSS feed and podcasts of already aired programs. Currently playing is "Traffic: How We Get From Here to There," an examination of the history of transportation in America, sparked by a discussion of traffic congestion in the Virginia-based historians' gridlocked region. The Tappet brothers,Tom and Ray Magliozzi would feel right at home.