Update on CLOUT's Catch A Falling Child's Campaign


We have exciting news regarding health insurance coverage for children in Kentucky! Governor Beshear announced a plan to enroll over 35,000 eligible children in KCHIP (and Medicaid) by 2010. This plan involves many improvements to the current enrollment and re-enrollment system, such as elimination of the face-to-face requirement for enrollment in KCHIP and increased outreach to eligible families. (A press release describing components of the plan is attached.) CLOUT, along with several other advocacy organizations, has been working diligently to bring about this much needed change in our children's health insurance system. While the focus of the Governor's plan is going to be on a statewide effort, CLOUT will remain involved in this process and continue to advocate for the goal set at our Nehemiah Assembly--6,000 more children receiving KCHIP/Medicaid within three years. We believe that the Governor's plan is a big step toward achieving this goal, but we also realize that we must continue to be one of the voices advocating for children in Jefferson County. Thank you for your support of this important work.

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