Draft Todd Eberle For Vice President


Recent events have changed the profile of possible candidates for the high office of vice president, so I'd like to jump the gun on 2012, by puffing the candidacy of my old colleague at UK Law, Todd Eberle. I'm not sure what party he belongs to--which may be a plus this early--and I haven't talked to him, but I'm sure if the nation calls, Todd will answer.

Look his "executive experience" for example. For the last year or so, he has been mayor of the city of Prospect, a thriving municipality with similiar demographic characteristics with that governed by the GOP vice presidential candidate, albeit with less moose-hunting opportunities. In addition, Todd served for fourteen years as Associate Dean and Director of Continuing Legal Education at the University of Kentucky College of Law, supervising a staff and managing a real budget. He organized hundreds of CLE programs, published dozens of publications, and co-authored the Kentucky Legal Ethics Opinions and Professional Responsibility Deskbook (UK/CLE, 1999) with UK law professor Rick Underwood, tasks that required great diplomatic and organizational skill. He is also a member of the Kentucky bar and a graduate of the Vanderbilt law school.

For comparision, look at at the stats:

Executive experience:
Sarah Palin, Wasilla AL, pop. 5,469
Todd Eberle, Prospect KY, pop. 10,054

Sherry S. Conner, Shively KY, pop. 15,258
Bernard Bowling, Jr., St. Matthews KY, pop. 17,681
Clay S. Foreman, Jeffersontown KY, pop. 26,633
Doug English, New Albany IN, pop. 37,603
Thomas Galligan, Jeffersonville IN, pop. 38,100

(and some guy named Jerry Abramson of a little burg named Metro Louisville at pop. 700,000 or so ...)

With Mayor Foreman feuding with his council, and Mayor English engaged in appeasement with bar owners over a smoking ban, Mayor Eberle of the Great City of Prospect is clearly the person for the job.