Senator Bunning Is Free for Booking this Sunday


NPR political correspondent Ken Rudin's latest post on his Political Junkie Blog is the kind of story I can't ignore: high politics combined with the less weighty business of collecting historical ephemera

It seems that Sen. Jim Bunning--our current senator but for nine years an ace pitcher for the Detroit Tigers--was scheduled to sell autographs at a Michigan baseball memorabilia sale this weekend.  However, after the auto bailout was scuttled, the promoter canceled it in anger at Bunning's active opposition. (Bunning was slated to get paid $35 an autograph--aren't we paying the poor guy enough at his day job?).  Bunning has been a staunch opponent of all the recent attempts to rescue both the banking and auto industries, so at least he isn't favoring bankers over line workers.

Apparently Bunning hasn't learned OJ's lesson--the business of sports collectibles is no place for the weak of heart.  These folks throw it high and hard!