Status of New Live Client Law Clinic


So the first week of the semester has passed, and with it the start of the law school's new live client law clinic. For those of you who have not heard, the law school has been working on getting a clinic started for a couple of years now. I am the interim director for this semester, and responsible for getting the project off the ground (with tremedous support from the staff and faculty of the law school and the Legal Aid Society - a topic for another post). With several generous grants from the Kentucky IOLTA Fund, the Louisville Bar Foundation, the Student Bar Foundation, and many alumni and friends of the law school, we have been able to rent space and buy furniture, technology and supplies. Six students are currently enrolled in the clinic. This semester we are operating the clinic as a housing law clinic, representing clients of the Legal Aid Society in forcible detainer cases in Jefferson County District Court. Attorney S. Stewart Pope of Legal Aid is working with me as an adjunct professor to supervise the students.

So how are things going? Great! I have an excellent group of eager students, fantastic support from Stewart and his colleagues at Legal Aid, and a terrific location downtown at 416 W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard. We have a few challenges, of course: We don't yet have telephone or Internet service, not all the furniture has arrived, and the temp we hired to answer the non-existent phones quit before her first day. But what else would you expect with a start up enterprise! It's full steam ahead for the clinic.

I apologize for the over use of superlatives

After I read the post again, it occurred to me that I used an awful lot of superlatives. However, I did manage to vary them so that I did not keep saying "tremedous" over and over.