Announcing the Journal of Animal & Environmental Law!

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law is proud to announce its newest Law Review, the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law (JAEL). JAEL is a natural extension of the increased interest and support of both Animal and Environmental Law at the Louis D.Brandeis School of Law. The new Journal will be a peer and student reviewed publication that will cater to academics and practitioners in these two growing fields of law. As such, JAEL will be an essential resource for judges, lawyers, teachers, and school administrators in Kentucky,across the country and around the world. 


JAEL is proud to announce its founding Editorial Board:


Editors in Chief: Rexéna Napier & AlgeriaFord

Executive Editor: Brian Pollock

Symposium Editors: Noelle Rao & Ebert Haegele

Senior Articles Editor: Kelly Crouse

Senior Notes Editor: Molly Mattingly

Articles Editors: Lauren Bean, Justin Brewer, Victoria Steinbach, Benjamin Silver

Notes Editors: Forrest Kuhn, Kristin Bourland, Adam Watson

Managing Editor: Melissa McHendrix


Informational meetings will be held next week for anyone interested in joining this bold new Journal.