[Orientation] Start the Semester Fresh: Community Service for All First Years



Class of 2012:

As your Student Bar Association Secretary, I am organizing a community service event on behalf of the entire incoming first-year class. This year, we will be helping Family Scholar House. This organization was formed to help end the cycle of poverty by assisting single-parents with getting their four-year college degree. The organization currently provides housing, childcare, and academic assistance to 56 families. This service project involves a "START THE SEMESTER FRESH" campaign.

All Family Scholar House students rely on food stamps to feed their children. However, food stamps do not cover cleaning supplies. We would like for each of you to bring in items listed below. If your last name begins with A-M, please bring in a mop and paper towels. If your last name begins with N-Z, please bring in a broom and all-purpose cleaner. Although we understand that you are extremely busy, we encourage you to bring in as many items as feasible and to ask those you know to donate some of the listed items as well. We need enough items for 56 families. One of our community service projects on August 14 will be sorting these supplies for delivery to the families. I assure you this is a worthwhile cause. You can find more information about the organization at: http://familyscholarhouse.org/.

So that we will be assured that we will have enough items, could you please send an email to let us know that you commit to bring something. Email me, and just put in the subject line Fresh Start. That will let us know we can count on you.

I look forward to meeting each of you at orientation.


Jenna Glasscock
SBA Secretary

Needs include:
paper towels
bathroom cleaner
dust rags
glass cleaner
Clorox wipes
all-purpose cleaner
toilet bowl brush
dish detergent