Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows 7

Friday, August 28, Apple will release Mac OS 10.6, popularly known as Snow Leopard; and on October 22, Microsoft is scheduled to release the retail version of Windows 7, which is already available through certain other channels.

Students are advised to NOT upgrade their laptops to either of these new operating systems or to purchase a new computer that comes with one of these operating systems until further notice because of unknown compatibility, or incompatibility, with Exam4.

We have contacted Extegrity to find out whether and when they will release versions of Exam4 compatible with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and are awaiting their response.  For the time being, though, students should assume that it will be some time before Exam4 is available for Snow Leopard and/or Windows 7.

University IT has also notified unit-level IT personnel that for now, ULink, PeopleSoft and Blackboard are not certified for use with Windows 7, specifically because Windows 7 comes bundled with Internet Explorer 8.  Consequently, students are also advised to not upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, which is available now as a Windows update.