Lawnet Is Dead (for Students)

Lawnet no longer exists for students.  The IT staff has moved all Law Library lab computers and student organization office computers to the University's Windows Active Directory (AD) domain and moved all students' and student organizations' files to a new Windows file server.  What does this mean for you?

  1. Students must now use their ULink user name and password to log on to lab and student orffice computers, as well as the wireless network and other University-provided resources.  If you mistype your password or use the wrong one three times, your ULink account will lock, and the law school IT staff cannot unlock.  You will have to contact the University HelpDesk.
  2. Students' laptops will no longer connect, as is, to the School of Law's file server and laptop printer.  Beginning Monday, January 4, 2010, students must come by the IT offices to reconnect their laptops to the server and printer.
Also, it is too soon to announce a firm "go live" date, but early in the Spring 2010 semester, University IT will launch a new, high-speed wireless network in the School of Law.  The new wireless network will have nearly three times as many access points as the existing network, which should mean greater coverage and few, if any, drop-outs.  Additionally, the entire building will be covered.  Some configuration changes may need to be made to some students' laptops to connect to the new wireless network.