In Memoriam: Dr. Karen Holt

Dr. Karen Holt, '83, died October 27, 2009. A native of Paducah, KY, Karen spent the majority of her career fulfilling her passion for public service, civil rights and education. Dr. Holt was an assistant vice president of the Institute for Public Service at the University of Tennessee. Prior to that, Dr. Holt had served as an associate general counsel at UT (1985-1995), led the University of Virginia’s Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (1997-2003), was an attorney with the Civil and Civil Rights Divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC (1983-1985), served as executive director of Project Pericles in New York (2003-2005) and was director of the Fanning Institute at the University of Georgia (2006-2008).