Student Athletics Tickets


Many of you that purchased student athletics tickets voiced concern over a new policy that the Student Government Association (SGA) had implemented.  The policy made it a requirement that students show their student ID before being allowed in a football or basketball game with a student ticket.  If you had a guest (not a UofL student) with you, that guest had to be accompanied by you into the game.  The purpose of the policy was to prevent non-students from using student tickets instead of buying them at the normal purchase price.

Although the policy may be a good one, it was implemented in the summer after students had already purchased their tickets.  For this reason the SGA, after further deliberation (and a steady barrage of emails and phone calls from concerned students), decided not to enforce the policy retroactively.  This year will serve as an educational year for the policy.  It will be enforced next football and basketball season.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, feel free to contact me.  Thanks and have a great week.