Union Waivers of Court Forum for Statutory Claims


I spent Friday and Saturday at the Fifth Annual Labor and Employment Law Colloquium.  I attended many presentations, all of which were extremely engaging and informative.  I presented Friday afternoon at Washington University School of Law on a panel with Thomas Burch (Florida State) and Zev Eigen (Northwestern). 

 I am starting research on a project that will look at arbitration decisions in the union sector to inform the debate over the adquacy of labor arbitration for deciding statutory employment disputes.  The slides of my presentation and accompanying handout are attached to this post.

 Thomas proposed regulation of mandatory arbitration of consumer, employment, and other disputes to make it more fair.  My understanding is that his paper is still in draft form, but I will post a link to it once it is publicly available. 

Zev proposed changes to the procedures used for mandatory arbitration of employment disputes, including updating the Due Process Protocol, to make it a more optimal way to structure rights disputes.  His co-authored article is available here

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