The Art of ADR Advocacy


I had the pleasure of serving as the moderator for a panel last week, at the Fourth Annual ABA LEL Section Conference, entitled "The Art of ADR Advocacy and When to Ignore Your Basic Instincts."  On the panel were four highly experienced and knowledgeable neutrals, Vivian Berger, Susan Grody-Ruben, Mark Irvings, and David Weisenfeld, whose bios are attached.  Also attached are the questions addressed and the outline for the presentation (which includes some of Vivian's insightful thoughts) as well as the papers or outlines submitted by me and the other panelists.

ADR Advocacy Panel Outline-3 (3).DOC34 KB
Levinson final skills draft.pdf225.61 KB
shortbioIrvings.doc26.5 KB
mediation of wage and hour class actions Irvings.doc30 KB
SusanGrodyRubenABATextBio2010.doc25.5 KB
TenWaysToMangleAMediationRuben.doc26 KB
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Weisenfeld ABA bio 2010.doc28 KB
Weisenfeld ABA Outline 2010.doc35.5 KB
ADR Advocacy Panel Outline-3 (2).DOC43.5 KB