Undergraduate Moot Court Volunteer Judges Needed

Attn: All Law Students

The undergraduate Moot Court team is in need of volunteers to judge practice Moot Court sessions at Ekstrom Library.  You would volunteer for one hour in October or the beginning of November - it is a limited time commitment.  Please contact Mary Hora at maryhora@kycourts.net or 502-595-3436 if you are interested.  This would be a beneficial opportunity for any law student and a great resume booster.


See Mary's description of the hypothetical below:

There is a hypothetical case that the students are arguing which the judges should read over beforehand (should take about twenty minutes).  The case involves the Congressional gun free school zones act, and the two issues are 1)the scope of the 2d Amendment right to bear arms and 2)whether in passing the act Congress exceeded its powers under the Commerce Clause.  I would be happy to provide questions to judges who are not familiar enough with con law to formulate impromptu questions.  I also think that even law students who haven't done con law yet could come up with some really good questions on the spur of the moment, especially on the 2d Amendment question.