On my way to China...


We're on our way! I am sitting in Chicago O'Hare airport waiting for the 12:32 flight to Hong Kong. 

As I mentioned, I have set up a Twitter account that is linked to this blog. The Twitter Account is LarsSSmith. Boring, I know, but accurate. Anyway, when I post on here, apparently the internet tubes will be linked between this blog site and my Twitter account. At least that is what our Cybrarian Virginia Mattingly Smith says!

 One thing I hope will happen is that I can start a dialogue between my US students and my Chinese students. Please email me with your questions. I start teaching on February 22, and I would be glad to ask my new students any questions that you may have. And even though the class is on US intellectual property law, I would imagine there is an opportunity to broaden the discussion. 

 EDIT: oh, and I have no idea what the netiquette is for posting on Twitter, so any advice will be much appreciated.