Meeting with Dean Chen



Today we visited Yunnan University, and one of our presentations was by Dean Chen Yundong, dean of the of Yunnan University Law School. Dean Chen (Yunnan) was a Fulbright from 2006-07 at American University in Washington. So I have now had the pleasure to meet two law school deans named Chen! His is the first picture.(Dean Chen (Louisville) was also a Fulbright in Iceland, btw).  Yunnan University was established in 1922, and it's founder and first faculty sought to establish it as an international university. The second picture is of a room in the Imperial Examination Building, located on campus, where people would take the Imperial Exam to work for the government. They had to stay in the room, without leaving, for 3 days. The bucket in the corner served an obvious purpose. And you thought the bar exam was hard! The third picture is of the building where the examiners graded the exams to see who would be allowed to travel to Beijing to take the final examination. 


We also had lectures from several American Fulbright Young Research Scholar grantees, who are here doing research on such issues as Chinese Tobacco usage, Chinese Minorities education issues, teaching drama to Chinese university students, and studying issues in organic and sustainable agriculture. A very impressive bunch.