Extra Student Tickets - First-come, first-served

After the student ticket lottery, there are still a few remaining tickets for next year's athletic events.  The tickets will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis by emailing Kristie Wetterer (kristie.wetterer@gmail.com).  There is 1 combination ticket left (both football and basketball).  The cost of the ticket is $210.  Please be aware that only 1 ticket is left (not 2 tickets which would allow you to take a guest to the games).  There are also 7 football only tickets remaining.  Each student is allowed to order 2 football only tickets.  The cost for each football only ticket is $72 ($144 for 2).  Students who already received tickets through the lottery are not eligible to buy more tickets.  Once you send your e-mail to Kristie Wetterer requesting tickets, she will respond to you and let you know whether or not you received the tickets and will coordinate a time to pick up the voucher.  If you want tickets, send the email now!