New Food Service

Beginning next week (week of 9/12/11) there will be a food cart located closer to the law school in order to better meet the needs of law students.  Three days per week (we are not sure which three days), there will be a food cart located near the law school's back patio by Jouett Hall.  If you exit out the back door of the Mosaic Lobby and are making your way to Ekstrom Library, Jouett Hall is the building on the right.  The food card will be located near there.  This cart will have a variety of beverages, Einstein's sandwiches and salads, cookies, and snacks.  The cart will be there during the hours of 10:30am-1:30pm.  Please note that Cardinal Cards, Cardinal Cash, and cash will only be accepted.  No credit card tenders will be collected.  Also, please be aware that the cart will be tracked daily in order to better assess whether the new location of the cart is necessary, so if you want the cart to stay put be sure to buy food.  Thanks to 1L Dani Smith for contacting the food service and being instrumental in having the food cart moved to this location!