General Advice

We are glad you chose UofL Law School to prepare you for your new profession. Although this is a very exciting time in your life, entering law school is a major life transition. You will encounter many changes during the first year including:
  • Change in family roles and responsibilities necessitated by demands on your time;
  • Change in family and friends’ perception of you, the evolving “lawyer,” especially in families where professional education is a new experience;
  • Change in age group reference - for older students returning to school with younger peers; for younger students returning to live with older parents or relatives;
  • Change in financial status - living on a student budget can be a challenge, as can be budgeting student needs into your existing income; and
  • Change of location - which results in changes in directions, food, services, church and friends.

Probably the biggest change for you as a first year student is the method of legal education.



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