Structured Study Groups

The Structured Study Group program is an inclusive, non-remedial program of academic success that integrates study skills instruction into the context of one targeted first-year subject.  Upper-division law students ("Brandeis Academic Fellow") are selected by the Director of the Academic Success Program to facilitate the structured study groups.

Each study group consists of 10 to 15 first-year law students.  The groups meet once per week for one hour.  The Academic Fellows facilitating the study groups focus on law school learning skills, including outlining, synthesis, issue spotting, creating hypotheticals, memorization, and writing answers to practice exam questions.

The goals of the SSG program are to:

  • maximize the academic performance of all Brandeis law students;
  • assist students in developing law school study skills so they will perform to their potential;
  • help students develop the attitudes (commitment, perseverance, self-confidence) they need to succeed in law school; and
  • provide students with social support and reduce student isolation.

Additional information will be provided during orientation and during the first week of classes.