Brandeis at 155

November 13 is the birthday of Justice Louis Brandeis, for whom our law school is named.  On Monday, November 14, Professor Laura Rothstein will give a one-hour power point presentation about Louis Brandeis.  Prizes will be given at the end for those answering the most questions correctly about Louis Brandeis. 

All students, faculty, and staff members are invited and welcome to attend.  Doughnuts, one of Brandeis’s favorite foods will be provided for the event.

LOUIS D. BRANDEIS (born November 13, 1856) * 1856-1941 *

Long before Louis Brandeis made his mark as a United States Supreme Court Justice, he had a brilliant career as an advocate for social justice issues. Brandeis’s commitment to using the law to promote social justice was a major reason some members of the Senate opposed his confirmation to the Court.  Justice Brandeis was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and chose the law school at the University of Louisville as his final resting place.  In 1997, the law school was renamed the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.  Inspired by his commitment to public service, the Brandeis School of Law requires all law students to perform at least 30 hours of public service to graduate.  Brandeis’s personal papers are housed at the law school, and can be accessed at

-- from Robert Shetterly’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth” website.