Want to learn a new language--and thereby develop your own legal niche--for free?



The Dept. of Education offers Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship grants to professional students (YOU!). FLAS Fellowships offer students the chance to learn one year's worth of a language (generally--though not exclusively--those spoken outside of western Europe) in an eight-week intensive summer immersion setting at one of many universities in the United States. All expenses are paid: tuition, room, and board. You could apply to go back the next summer for another intensive course, or alternatively pursue an advanced-level Critical Language Scholarship, Graduate Boren Fellowship or Fulbright grant to the country in which the language is spoken. Note that based upon our contacts to sponsoring universities, FLAS Fellowships are often not highly competitive, compared with other national awards, such as the summer Critical Language Scholarships.


Don't delay! First, students should pick a language (almost any imaginable) that they might be interested in learning. Second, they should call [past FLAS winner and Brandeis Law alum] Jeff Benedict at the U of L Office of National and International Scholarship Opportunities at 852-1515 between the hours of 11:00 and 5:00 pm or email him at jeffrey.w.benedict@louisville.edu for an appointment. The applications for individual FLAS programs are not particularly difficult, but the process of navigating the bureaucracy regarding which universities offer intensive summer FLAS programs each year is highly unwieldy. Jeff will help students there, as well as with giving a general sense of what’s expected with the applications and essays. Note that Jeff will be out of the office and away from email contact from Dec. 16th through Jan. 16th. Deadlines for the FLAS applications vary between mid-January and March, so students should contact Jeff before Dec. 16th.