Government Honors & Internship Handbook Updates

Attached please find the following Handbook revisions.  The website and pdf have been updated.

Administrative Conference of the United State, Legal Internships (1L, 2L, 3L) – New contact.

Dept. of the Air Force, OGC, Summer Law Clerk Program (1L, 2L) – Deadline of Feb. 10th established, along with announcement number.

EPA, Region 6 (Dallas), Summer Intern Honors Program (1L, 2L) – Deadline of Feb. 10th established.

Office of Government Ethics, Legal Intern Program (2L) – Deadline of Feb. 3rd established.

SEC, Law Student Observer Program (2L, 3L, LLM) – Fall 2012 deadline of Mar. 23rd established.

Also, separate application instructions now identified for New York and DC offices.

Administrative Conference of US- Student Internship-1-17-12.docx19.04 KB
Air Force OGC - Summer Law Clerk Program 01-13-12.docx19.02 KB
EPA Region 6 Summer Intern Honors Program 01-13-12.docx20.4 KB
Office of Govt Ethics - OGCLP Legal Intern 01-17-12.doc32.5 KB
SEC Law Student Observer Program-01-13-12.docx17.73 KB