Mentor Jet Program Kudos and Congratulations

The mentoring programs held on Wednesday, sponsored by the National Association of Women Judges with co-sponsorship by the Student Bar Association, the Women's Law Caucus, and the Black Law Students Association, were a huge success.  The panel on mentoring with Justice Lisa Abramson and LBA President Bobby Simpson provided great advice.  The Jet Mentor program following the panel provided an opportunity for the participating students to benefit from the wisdom of thirteen judges and attorneys in the community.  The energy in the room was amazing and the students who attended gave great feedback.

Kudos to Paige Hamby, who received the scholarship from the NAWJ.  Appreciation to Professors Fischer, Harris, and Rothstein, who served on the scholarship committee.

Thanks Courtney Pawley, Jamie Jackson, Kristie Wetterer, Becky Wenning, Maggie Bratcher, and Dean Kathy Urbach for their time and efforts in making sure the event was a success.  We hope to have the event again next year.