Judge Stephanie Burke Needs Students!

The  Public Service Program has been informed that Judge Stephanie Burke of the Jefferson District Court is in need of four students to assist her.  Second and third year students can count hours working with Judge Burke toward their public service requirement.  The following is a description of the work:

Students will assist the court in various research and writing assignments, including issue briefing and opinion drafting; students shall have the opportunity to observe criminal, civil, probate, disability and juvenile court matters, including bench and jury trials and assist the court in preparation for same. The students will be introduced to various aspects of the legal system from perspectcives of the prosecution, defense, circuit clerk's and the bench. The program provided is intended to be a true learning experience intended for those truly interested in a courtroom practice of law.

Interested students should contact Jina Scinta at jina.scinta@louisville.edu to obtain the necessary forms to sign up.  The first four students to e-mail will be signed up.