Check Out the Kentucky Foundation for Justice

The Kentucky Foundation for Justice, a student-driven (with attorney supervision) public service organization, will be meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 27 at the Heine Brothers on the corner of Eastern Parkway and Preston Highway. The Kentucky Foundation for Justice is a non-profit program designed to offer interested students clinical opportunities in the areas of inmates' rights, consumer protection, civics education, and the rights of internationals and refugees in the Louisville community. Depending upon their interests and qualifications, students can participate in one or more of these programs, or can develop and propose litigation, lobbying, advocacy or education in another underserved public interest area. Students are free to determine their preferred manner of participation, whether it be in education, lobbying, advocacy (assuming appropriate qualifications), interfacing between civil and criminal justice systems and the international community, and developing internet-based outreach and public education programs.

This is your opportunity to create and implement a project that is meaningful to you! Interested students should contact Jina Scinta at to obtain a Reservation Form to sign up.  Check it out!