Exam Policies

As final exams approach, all students should take a moment to re-review the rules pertaining to exams.  A memorandum regarding exam policies is available on the Law School website at http://www.law.louisville.edu/academics/exams.  Information regarding exam conflicts, make-up exams, taking exams on computer, and exam reviews is also available.  Please review all the information posted.  If you have questions, please see Dean Ballard or Dean Hall.

Any student who did not comply with the practice test requirements is not permitted to use Exam4 for any exam for which the applicable practice test was required. By taking any exam using Exam4, a student certifies that he/she has complied with applicable practice test requirements and has received notice from the law school IT Department that he/she has complied with applicable practice test requirements. See Student Handbook for questions pertaining to taking exams on computer.